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fill that rubber and let me play with your cum


fill that rubber and let me play with your cum

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"That a boy sport, just go with it.  Now open your mouth…"

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I think the best compliments I get, aren’t the comments about the way I look, how tight my boy hole is or how well I perform a blowjob. I love hearing things like that, of course, but nothing beats to see a man so horny, just from the prospect of having sex with me, that he’s rock hard before he’s even come out of his clothes. Being used to Dad’s self control; he rarely lets his cock go hard unless he’s going to use it; it was really a boost to my self esteem when Luke, one of Dad’s buddies, couldn’t lose his pants quickly enough. I was waiting for him; Dad had informed me that Luke was coming over, and that he’d agreed to let him give me my good night fuck. As soon as I heard he was on his way upstairs I got up on my hands and feet on the bed to show him I was ready. “Hey Tim,” he said, “You’ve been waiting for me?” I turned halfway around to present my ass to him, and spread my legs wide in response, while I looked at him undressing. His cock literally jumped up when he let it out of his boxers, and to me that was proof I still had it. “Could I please suck it first?” I asked, but he shook his head. “After,” he said, before entering the bed behind me.

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